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The jobs of the future are only going to be in green technologies. How can you change the future from a destructive one to a resourceful one, and still make money?

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Robotic Arm Glove Controller

I got one of these lovely robot arm kits and made a new controller for it using a glove…

Mac OS X Must Haves

A few friends have only recently become Mac-converts! I know! What took them so long?!?! Anyway, they always come with the same questions about 3rd party software etc- so here is a list of what I personally consider to be the must-have applications when you first get on your mac from another, strange operating system.

People think they understand Evolution…

More thoughts on Evolution.

Scientists have tried to use this evolutional theory in psychology to explain many things. Did you know you are genetically programmed to like people who LOOK like you?

Introducing the Hapti-Harness. Start feeling.

“Towards an understanding of a tactile feedback system for use in multitudinous environments”

Building the hapti-harness from Matt Jarvis on Vimeo.

How is the experience to feel data? What is it to evoke an extra layer of awareness using a type of tactile reflex? Could a state of continuous partial attention be especially useful for certain information? These are some questions which have led us to research the introduction of a haptic feedback garment as an appropriate medium for artistic expression and creative application.

The best laid plans

A view on Chaos theory

It was Christmas, my plan was to go to the UK to see my friends and family. Before I left I had carefully selected bought and made presents for all my loved ones. My plans were well thought out as I wrapped up and packed all the gifts and checked the buses and trains to the airport. Then came the snow.

An uncertain morning ritual

A view on the uncertainty principle

Every morning I flick through a newspaper and catch up with the news and at the end of the paper, I check my horoscopes.

Why man has evolved more than we think.

Thoughts on Evolution

Throughout history, the human race has done well for it’s self. Our survival has depended on us discovering and implementing our knowledge in countless ways. Perhaps the most dramatic one was when humans started farming. From this day we assumed a new responsibility we didn’t know we had until very recently.

Playlist of the year

4nt0n’s playlist… ENJOY!

Matt’s Minimalist Visualizers for iTunes

Sometimes, less is much more.

Sonic Saber game in MAX/MSP. It’s like a ‘light saber’, only sound, not light, kinda thang.

Imagine being a youngling in Star Wars learning how to fight with your lightsaber, blindfolded and having to rely completely on your audio perception to fight the laser beams being fired at you… It’s a sonic fight.. may the force be with you…

Susan Collins “Seascape” goes live!

I’ve been working with Susan Collins since 2002 on her pixel-scape images.

Her latest show was opened to the public from 4th April at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea.

This latest incarnation comes with large scale prints of the generated images and a whole new website which hosts the entire back catalogue of image-scapes from when each server was set up along with every image live as it is created over time.

Here’s a nice little video of the project from current.tv ::

There’s a review by Ken Russell in The Times newspaper

Extreme Sheep LED Art (very British art, via YouTube)

I love it! Sheep art, tis the future!

The Twouble with Twittering – funny clip from current.tv

Graffiti wall sketches

Remember when ‘superwall’ was good?
No more love

MoodyMap. How are you feeling?

What is your mood right now? What about the mood of those around you?
Try it!


In a project using Google Android and Skyhook, we’ve created an app that uses Google maps to plot and share your mood with those around you!

Think different – Is Google Making Us Stupid?

I definitely think differently. 10 years ago I would spend ages reading manuals, trying to understand every aspect of every method to design my media…

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