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Susan Collins “Seascape” goes live!

I’ve been working with Susan Collins since 2002 on her pixel-scape images.

Her latest show was opened to the public from 4th April at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea.

This latest incarnation comes with large scale prints of the generated images and a whole new website which hosts the entire back catalogue of image-scapes from when each server was set up along with every image live as it is created over time.

Here’s a nice little video of the project from current.tv ::

There’s a review by Ken Russell in The Times newspaper


Seascape features a series of gradually unfolding digital seascapes created using imagery captured in real time by webcams installed at five key vantage points along the south coast between Margate and Portsmouth. The cameras are positioned at various seafront locations in Margate, Folkstone, Bexhill, Pagham, and Stokes Bay.

Stokes bay image @ 29/03/09 13:27

Stokes bay 29/03/09 13:27

Pagham image @ 29/03/09 13:26

Pagham 29/03/09 13:26

Bexhill on sea image @ 29/03/09 13:25

Bexhill-on-sea 29/03/09 13:25

Folkstone image @ 29/03/09 13:26

Folkstone 29/03/09 13:26

Margate image @ 29/03/09 13:26

Margate 29/03/09 13:26

Susan Collins’ Seascape, from East to West.

Each reveal in real-time an image being constructed live from the webcams installed at the five locations across the South East coast. Continually collecting this data – from top to bottom and left to right in horizontal bands – these images are constantly generated and renewed pixel by pixel in front of the viewer.

To coincide with the exhibition, a publication on the Seascape project will be produced by Film and Video Umbrella. The book will feature newly commissioned essays by Sean Cubitt and Nicholas Alfrey and include an extensive colour plate section of archive seascape images. To order a copy email books@fvu.co.uk

Seascape is commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and the De La Warr Pavilion and is supported by Arts Council England and the Art and Humanities Research Council. The project would not have been possible without a large number or organisations and individuals:

Leas Cliff Hall (Folkestone), Pebble Beach Café (Stokes Bay), Slade Centre for Electronic Media, Slade Digital Print Studio, Information Systems (University College London), OK-RM (Oliver Knight & Rory McGrath) with Electronest (Jerome Rigaud & Pierre Schmidt), Nicholas Alfrey, Alex Baker, Adrian Barker, Martin John Callanan, Ian Cartwright, Sean Cubitt, Michael Duffy, Luci and Simon Eyers, Tim Head, Matthew Jarvis, James Keith, Stephen Levine, Pat Seggery, Simon Schofield, Fiona Sherriff, Graham and Antje Southern, Jon Thomson, Mike and Jane Windsor.

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