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Why man has evolved more than we think.

Thoughts on Evolution

Throughout history, the human race has done well for it’s self. Our survival has depended on us discovering and implementing our knowledge in countless ways. Perhaps the most dramatic one was when humans started farming. From this day we assumed a new responsibility we didn’t know we had until very recently.

Around 10,000 years ago, not without struggle, the idea of farming grew. Originally from the middle east, through trade it eventually took over the world. Our ancestors grew wheat, and much else on very thin soil that the Earth had naturally taken 500 years to create- we farmed land so much and so often until we hit disasters. The weather in a few years changed, rain no longer was regular in areas and the soil dried out.

This had one amazing side effect, and one that might have actually saved human existence from oblivion. The atmosphere from more animals than ever before breeding, increased levels of CO2 by a very small amount, which in turn stopped the onset of the next ice age, which we would be having now without it. This was the very beginning of what we now call global warming.

We are a clever species. Humanity was managed to work out so many ways of exploiting the Earth’s resources to our benefit. We have used wood, coal, gas and eventually oil to create the planet we know today. Everywhere we look we can see the Earth, in a completely new form, from ships to planes, from curtains to our wristwatches. Our discoveries can be seen in how the periodic table- the Earth’s resources catalogued and tagged- has grown bigger.

 With it, so have many new inventions. Today’s microprocessors use made with more elements of the periodic table than ever before. So now we know that instead of the earth getting cooler and the beginning of another ice age, the human race, without knowing it has taken control of the Earth’s atmosphere.

We saved ourselves from an ice age accidently, now we have to save ourselves from the reverse effects. Our planet is now getting too warm and we are the only race that can save it. We can look at ways of reducing carbon in the atmosphere, but also try and find ways to put it back into the Earth.

There are experiments taking place that copy how the Earth has saved it’s self before from too much CO2 in the air. The tectonic plate collision of what is now India and the Himalayas. This crash was the Earths natural way of re-regulating it’s own CO2 levels before we took control. It has shown us that we can use types of minerals to lock the CO2 from the atmosphere back in to the Earth.

This is now truly a human planet and as humans, we have the ability now to continue to reap the rewards from our planet’s resources- or we can repay them. This is the true nature of evolution of man, the choice to survive as a planet together forever or survive as a race on our own today.

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