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People think they understand Evolution…

More thoughts on Evolution. Scientists have tried to use this evolutional theory in psychology to explain many things. Did you know you are genetically programmed to like people who LOOK like you?

An uncertain morning ritual

A view on the uncertainty principle Every morning I flick through a newspaper and catch up with the news and at the end of the paper, I check my horoscopes.

Graffiti wall sketches

Remember when 'superwall' was good? No more love

Love Hypothesis

Passionate love is like a drug, and it wears off like a drug. Companionate love, however can last a lifetime. Here are my thoughts on the subject with advice from Jonathan Haidt's book, Happiness Hypothesis (2006). I always meant I loved you

The recursion game.

A view on recursion (and the dating game)

Entertainment in the skies above

A story about emergence by Matthew Jarvis