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MoodyMap. How are you feeling?

What is your mood right now? What about the mood of those around you?
Try it!

In a project using Google Android and Skyhook, we’ve created an app that uses Google maps to plot and share your mood with those around you!

Hack ‘n Shop (1min version)

Wouldn’t it be nice if shopping was as easy as this?

(A shorter version of the original Hack ‘n Shop film at )

Soon, this will be real:

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Which side do you pass people on the street?

After being in Holland for a while, I noticed people seem very streamlined when they walk down the street (except in Amsterdam!). People always seem to pass each other on a certain side. I was wondering why this was, does … Continue reading –>

Hack ‘n Shop

I made a video about hacking shopping… soon everyone will be doing it…

Hack ‘n Shop!

Shopping, but without the fuss!

Wouldn’t it be nice to shop without having to carry all your goodies home! One day.. you will!

(1min version :: )

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Team Untangle

How to play our Team Untangle interactive collaborative game at the Media Technology Exposition in Rotterdam at V2 Institute for unstable media, July 2008.

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Team Untangle: Collaborative performance in a physical puzzle

How do people solve problems together, which strategy proves best? Or might we even be better off alone? By providing a deceptively simple game in a large interactive playing field, Team Untangle tries to explore and measure our problem solving behavior.

David Lynch :: Meditation is the key

David Lynch gives a talk about how important meditation is to him when creating work.

Hard Rock Blenders

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Diana Princess of Wales does music video…

Yes, the rumors about the death of the people’s princess, Lady Diana Spencer have been greatly exaggerated. She’s alive and well, with a lovely boyfriend in South America or so it seems…

Diana and her Latin lover

Eat Work, Sleep Work, Drink Tea

Tea. The way it’s supposed to be.

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I’m a Matt. I’m a Katz. Birthday Party Invite!

That’s right, it’s the best party to kick start the summer here once again, for one night only your trustworthy honorable M@ presents stunning visuals and top music to celebrate his & Katz birthdays. 8th July, 7pm, Dulo.
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Hooker Bently Matt Jarvis Stuart Sandford

We had just 2 evenings to come up with a video for this song… how do you think we did? Like it?

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