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Diana Princess of Wales does music video…

Yes, the rumors about the death of the people’s princess, Lady Diana Spencer have been greatly exaggerated. She’s alive and well, with a lovely boyfriend in South America or so it seems…

Diana and her Latin lover

Ok, so we made a video as part of a competition where we, as video makers, were matched with a band, we then had 2 weeks to make the video. The lucky band we had the opportunity to make visuals for was Vasquez.

Creativity is king here, and I was lucky enough to work with one of the most creative minds of the world, Martin Sastre. Imagine Lady Diana Spencer, who is still alive and living in Uruguay, going about her business and having a nice normal life while we are all mourning what she stood for.

Make of this what you will, the YouTube discussions continue…

There is a higher quality version here. (Requires Quicktime)


  1. 15, June 2009 at 8:26 am | Permalink

    Martin Sastre Genius..

  2. admin
    10, January 2010 at 1:23 pm | Permalink

    Here’s some out-takes: The pain of making youtube videos

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